Saturday, 25 August 2012

 Hello world! I am finally starting a blog! As someone who normally prefers using a typewriter to a computer, I have been putting off joining the modern world of technology, but here I am!

Here's a bit about me: I am currently studying animation at London College of Communication and aspire to be a stop motion animator. I'd love to work on children's animations and feature films. I am especially fond of old children’s programs such as Huxley Pig and Old Bear and all of the Wallace and Gromit films, along with Tim Burton and Ray Harryhausen.

A few words to sum me up: cats, vintage, dresses and cakes! In this blog I will talk more about things that enthuse me. I will try not to get too carried away boring you with details of my cats, but the odd cute picture may slip through.

I will probably focus mainly on animation, but so many things other than animation inspire me. I am a collector – I collect all sorts of things, from vintage dresses to old envelopes. Anything with character and a story behind it gets me excited! So I’ll tell you all about it here.


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