Sunday, 14 October 2012

Cath Kidston shoe box competition

Cath Kidston launched an amazing competition to design your dream room in a shoebox! I love Cath Kidston and it was such a cute idea for a competition, that I just had to enter.

I originally wanted to do something a bit whacky for a chance to win, but ended up making a pretty traditional room. None of the examples on the website had windows, so the first thing I wanted to do was make a huge window with a spectacular view. I chose to cut an intricate swirly design with a heart for a bit of a fairytale detail.

I have always dreamed of having a four-poster bed – there’s something magical about being able to draw curtains around yourself. Must have something to do with the princess and the pea. So I made the pinkest, most princess-worthy bed I could with pieces of cardboard and heart buttons.

The wardrobe was my favourite thing to make. I have a passion for dresses. Big, pretty vintage ones to be precise. So my dream room would have a big wardrobe bursting with wonderful dresses in it. I found perfect matching vintage buttons for the handle and cut little Cath Kidston flowers from some note paper for decoration.

A few finishing touches such as a little handmade vase, a dolls hat and a knitting bag add to my uber-girly room. (I have actually just bought this knitting bag from the store in the hopes that I may make my own Harry Potter jumper with a ‘K’ on. So far I just have the bag and three knitting needles. It’s a start at least.)

Finally I added a paper me, reading the latest Cath Kidston book with my cat. I figured its my dream room, I should be able to relax in it!


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